Get an Epoxy Floor For Your Garage, Basement or Business!

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy flooring is made up of two different and separate components an epoxy resin and an epoxy hardener. The epoxy resin component is usually light and almost a clear color - for the most part, it's odor free. The epoxy hardeners are usually dark and have an 'ammonia-like' smell.

When the two epoxy components are mixed together in a specific way, they react chemically and link together, forever. After the chemical reaction has taken place, the two epoxy parts (as they are sometimes referred to) form a quite rigid plastic material. The ultimate result is a firm, durable, protective, and beautiful floor covering and floor enhancement.

Image Pros' Epoxy Floor Coating Advantage

Epoxy floor systems are widely sought and used on primarily indoor concrete surfaces to enhance the aesthetic appearance and to protect concrete structures.

The use of epoxy systems has been used most on garage floors and unfinished laundry, basement, and storage rooms within the home. The primary benefits of epoxy flooring recognized by the homeowner through an epoxy investment include:

• Clean Polished Look
• Strong Adhesion & Durability
• Slip Resistant
• Easy Maintenance / Stain Resistant
• Reflects Hazardous Chemicals From Damaging Concrete
• Increase Value of Home

Additionally, epoxy floor systems are available in wide array of base and chip colors to match any existing decor. Image Pros can customize the color of your epoxy floor and floor chips to your choosing.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the epoxy floor installation service performed by Image Pros of Rockford, Illinois, will be done correctly the first time, on time, every time and by experienced epoxy flooring applicators with a lot of experience.  Rest assured knowing that the highest quality epoxy floor finish will not only turn peoples heads, but will provide fantastic protection and extremely low maintenance for many years to come.   

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or a maintenance supervisor for a commercial or industrial type company, we have the epoxy floor system to fit your requirements, no matter how stringent. All of this at a price that will surprise you.  Learn how Image Pros of Rockford offers you the highest degree of professionalism in the commercial, residential and industrial floor prep and coating market today.