Seamless infrared asphalt repairs are one of the most innovative and intriguing asphalt repair methods available in the asphalt industry today. Existing asphalt can be heated, rejuvenated and reused - all while getting rid of the cracks and potholes that cause safety and legal hazards.

Unlike the old "Saw cut - Remove - Replace" method, infrared repairs do not leave a cold seam around the outside (perimeter) of the repaired area. The cold seam can be a weak point and be make the repaired area susceptible to damage from water seepage and other weather-related elements. While the old method is suitable for some repairs, it has been replaced by a new, friendlier, more cost-effective and cleaner repair method.

The infrared asphalt equipment (sometimes called a recycler) heats the existing asphalt in and around the area of repair to well over 300 degrees Fahrenheit - the same temperature as new asphalt when it comes fresh from the plant and is first installed. At this temperature, the softened asphalt can be worked easier. A rejuvenation agent is mixed into the "scarified" asphalt to bring back the qualities of the old asphalt once heated. New hot asphalt may be added to bring a repair up to grade, if needed, before it is compacted.

The final result from the infrared repair is a cost-effective, long lasting and attractive repair that has recycled the existing asphalt - all while costing less money than replacement of the surface. This process allows recycling of the old, but perfectly good asphalt. It allows a seamless, clean repair while being ecologically friendly!