Engineered Concrete Lifting & Leveling - also referred to as mud jacking or slabjacking, engineered concrete lifting, etc, is a process of lifting concrete slabs that have settled by drilling holes through the slab and pumping a sand or cement mixture under the slabs. Mud jacking allows the slab to be maneuvered back to it's original location. You can see an animated example of the mudjacking process below.

Fill Voids - Frequently, foundation problems and concrete slab problems are the result of the perimeter of the foundation or concrete slab settling. In many instances, it becomes necessary (and cost effective) to fill this void to properly support the concrete slab or building foundation. Mud jacking to fill this type of void is accomplished by drilling small holes through the concrete surface and pumping a mixture of cementitious grout into the void, which then raises the concrete slab or building foundation.

Concrete Repair, Concrete Lifting, Concrete Leveling
How It Works: Concrete Repair - Concrete Lifting - Concrete Leveling

It is important to deal with experienced professionals and with a reputable company. Rockford Image Pros staff members have extensive experience with the mud jacking process and monitor the work carefully while in progress. We have an excellent reputation and stand behind our work. We use only the best mudjacking equipment on the market and provide a limited lifetime warranty.


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