Many companies simply provide components of landscaping services. Some sell plants, others mow grass, some install water features and others spread mulch. Granted, some of these companies do a reasonable job on a project basis, but yet it's just a task and then on to the next one.

It's not their mission or their lifeblood to envision your landscape at its full potential, to increase the value of your property, or to develop a long-term relationship with you as a client. Image Pros Property Maintenance is different ... and that's the single reason we have stood the test of time. We are in this business for the long haul, offering a full range of landscaping products and services to a client base that values quality work and professionalism. Image Pros Property Maintenance creates inspiring outdoor spaces for homes in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Our landscape designs are created by a design team that considers each property as a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into art, sculpted from nature.

Good landscape design is more than mythical magic ... our plantings are chosen to complement the land and to thrive in the measure of care they will be given. We design with colors and textures that will bring beauty and enjoyment in every season. We do not aspire to a trademark "look", because a true design reflects the tastes and style of each client. But we do consider each of our landscapes as a testament to our innovation and high standards.

We begin each design with a vision of transformation, and we finish it knowing it is a permanent record of our skill and our creativity.

Some of our Hardscape and Landscape Design / Install Services include:

■ Design and Install Landscapes and Hardscapes
■ Rejuvenating Overgrown Landscapes
■ Designing Outdoor Living Spaces
■ Developing Low-Maintenance Landscapes
■ Design Tranquil Water Gardens
■ Enhancing Outdoor Entertainment
■ Creating Relaxing Gardens
■ Night Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Scheme
■ Retaining Walls / Paver Patios / Paver Sidewalks
■ Ponds / Water Falls / Creeks
■ Repair / Fix Water Drainage Issues