We understand what a large investment your parking lot or driveway is. That is why we are dedicated to aiding you in all repairs and maintenance and assuring you it is done properly. We do not skimp or take short cuts.

Your parking lot's appearance is the first impression business owners can give potential customers. Image Pros wants to make sure that it is a positive impression and, therefore, offers a wide range of services such as sweeping, seal coating, crack sealing, line painting and bumper block installation.

Sweeping cleans many forms of debris, such as mud, glass, cigarette butts or litter, which can give a business an untidy appearance. Loose gravel and dirt tends to act as a giant piece of sandpaper on your asphalt as vehicles drive over it. This will substantially reduce the life of your asphalt and in turn create a need for an expensive repair.

Broken glass, wet papers, loose leaves, discarded food, and other items that are found in parking lots can all lead to safety and possibly sanitary hazards. People may slip and fall, runoff drains may clog and backup, a giant outbreak of illness due to germs! .... Well, you get the picture.

Proper maintenance of your asphalt will assure you many years of quality asphalt. Did you know that the darker your asphalt the quicker ice and snow will melt in the cold winter months. Sealcoat now to lower your snow removal costs this winter.

We have many satisfied clients which include villages and townships, management companies and homeowners. Our parking lot sweepers and maintenance crews make it look good every day for you and your customers. Here’s how we do it:

■ Blow debris off sidewalks
■ Empty trash receptacles
■ Blow out curblines, islands, corners
■ Vacuum sweep all parking areas
■ “Detail” clean every square inch once per week
■ Storm Cleanup

In addition to nightly sweeping, our drivers also check your property for the following 5 things as part of our exclusive ‘Property Image Program’:

■ Debris
■ Graffitti
■ Abandoned Cars
■ Obvious Damage
■ Tresspassers
■ And more...